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  • A free 24-hour AMT ticket for all users who register on the GoGoGe APP (it can be activated on the APP from "My tickets" page)
  • 10% discount, for all users, until 31/12, on the rental of Elettra Car Sharing's free-floating blue electric cars, through GoGoGe APP

What is GoGoGe

With GoGoGe you can access multiple mobility services, public and private, integrate their use and proceed to their payment, all with a single APP. Through the platform, you can organize your trips, according to your needs, taking advantage of the integration between these different mobility options:
  • AMT - Urban Public Transport integrated with the train and provincial network;
  • Genova Parcheggi - the varied offer of city parking;
  • Genova Elettra - car sharing, free floating service;
  • Train - tickets to all Italian destinations.
The integration of these services aims to promote the use of sustainable transportation solutions and improve user experience from both a planning and user-friendliness perspective, in order to respond to different transportation needs in a personalized way.


MaaS is the new frontier of mobility; it is based on a technology capable of integrating different modes of transportation by making them available to the passenger on a single platform where the journey can be planned by integrating different public and private services and payment for their use. AMT, Hitachi Rail, myCicero, and the Municipality of Genoa have jointly designed the trial of a highly innovative MaaS system for the Genoa area that already looks to the sustainable mobility of the future. Thanks to the MaaS system, the new GoGoGe App was thus designed and implemented. After the first experimental phase, since June 2023 the app can be found on the APP Stores of all smartphones.
BBC also talks about the Maas GoGoge project
On AMT means of transportation it is possible to travel on a "postpaid" basis, that is without buying a ticket before boarding. The reference technology is the so-called BIBO (BE-IN-BE-OUT); by turning on Bluetooth and the "Postpaid" Ticket on the App, it will be GoGoGe itself that will connect with the systems installed on board buses, subways, elevators, funiculars and store the journey. The connection is ensured by more than 7,000 beacons installed at stops, on the entire fleet and AMT modes of transportation (bus, subways, elevators...) that detect the presence and ensure the connection with the Wallet system. Payment is charged at the end of the day by applying a "best fare" logic, i.e.the best fare for the customer on a daily and weekly basis.


How it works ...

The application opens on a page called "Explore," which allows the user to view on a map the services offered by GoGoGe in the area of interest. Stops and stations of public transport services are shown, with their transit timetables. Streets that have parking bays managed by Genova Parcheggi are highlighted and parking payment is enabled directly on the app. In addition, it displays the electric cars provided by ‘Elettra Car Sharing' in the Genoa area that can be used in free-floating mode. By clicking on the relevant icons it is possible to unlock them, use them and pay for the service used.

... How it works

The "Explore" page also contains a search box, which can be used to take advantage of GoGoGe's Travel Planner features. Through the Travel Planner, you can consider travel alternatives using public transportation. As for rail services, through the Travel Planner it is possible to search for travel solutions for all destinations served in Italy by the rail carrier, book and pay for train tickets directly on the APP. The second page of the app is called "Postpaid" and is dedicated to the BIBO (Be In Be Out) mode, which is active on public transportation operated by AMT (buses, subway, elevators, funiculars, Principe-Granarolo rack railway). By activating the BIBO mode from the "Postpaid" page, the application starts recording the beacons encountered at the stops and means of transportation used. At the end of the day, the best fare is calculated, which considers ordinary 100-minute and daily tickets. At the end of the week, a further calculation is made to define the best weekly fare as well.


Register and set the payment methodplan the journeythe smartphone detects the stop beaconthe onboard beacon is detected
the smartphone detects the final station beaconthe journey is registeredthe best fare is calculated

Through the "Ticketing" page, it is possible to purchase all AMT travel tickets on sale on the application, in prepaid mode, that is by making the purchase before their use. Once the transaction is made, the ticket is transferred to the "My Ticket" page, from which it is possible to view the validity of the ticket, also for any check by AMT ticket inspectors. The "Vehicles" page enables the use of the services offered by Genova Parcheggi. In fact, although the payment of parking is made directly from the main page, it is necessary to register the data of the vehicle to be parked before using the service. Finally, the "Profile" page allows the management of personal data, parking data, car sharing data, and payment methods. Through the "Profile" page it is also possible to contact the support service offered by MyCicero. Payment for services can be made either by pre-loading the wallet or by registered credit card or entered on a case-by-case basis.